Creative Weavers Guild

Bringing small and simple loom weavers together!


This community was originally built and created by the amazing Amy D. McKnight for creative weavers using a variety of small looms. We share our projects and help each other with technical and creative challenges. This is a kind and supportive community with the goal of creating a safe space for all.  We often share projects outside of weaving:  knitting, crochet, sewing, and more.

Why You Should Join Us

Purchasing a membership will give you access to:

*All past member posts
*Weekly Zoom calls
*Coming in 2022: workshops where we learn a new skill or tackle a project together
*Friendships with weavers from all over the world

A Big Thanks

Thank you for considering joining this weaving eclectic weaving community. We are looking forward to supporting you make progress along your creative weaving path.

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